This seasons most talked about trend – Pastel. Total Look.

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Hello readers,
Here is a look that is perfect for all you younger gals who are in love with pastels. This spring’s trend is truly worth following. It gives a fresh young look and doesn’t break the bank.
This outfit is put together using only watered down colours, making it suitable for any figure. Total looks (single colour outfits or, like in this case, pastel colour outfit) elongate the silhouette and make you look taller and therefore, slimmer. Whether you are tall, average hight or short, this look will lengthen your figure and lighten your complexion.
Who is this outfit perfect for:

– a trendy gal under 35 who is brave enough to pull off a short skirt

Possible variations:

-if you don’f quite fit the description above, don’t worry, you can have the same look and feel confident. Read on…

-if you are not cool with skirts this short just choose one that is a more sensible length. A mid length straight cut skirt will look great and so will a straight cut or even a flared maxi skirt. The choice is yours 😉

Can you recreate it? Yes! Here are the details:
– dress by Something Else $110,
– vest by Mango $59.90,
– necklace by Salut De Miel $129
– shoes by Atelier Tang $200
Total price is under $499. If you want to be more extravagant and have some cash to splash you can add a Chanel bracelet and Prada sunglasses as pictured above.
Happy styling!



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