Love is in the Air

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Hi everyone,

Mondays Mondays Mondays… I know what you are thinking – boring difficult days.

Well not this one!

Jessica is getting ready for a date with the most important man in her life when all of a sudden she feels the urge to go daydreaming for a little while in this gorgeous sunset setting. She is enjoying the sea breeze with the flamingo birds. The wind is playing with her beautiful white dress as she strolls freely further and further from the day’s problems and worries.

She is delaying that romantic dinner that awaits her later tonight.

Every extra minute of anticipation is making this sunset more and more wonderful and dreamy.

And after all, who can blame her? Nobody can deny a girl her right to be late… and there is not a soul in the world that wouldn’t wait for her.

She dreams of kindness and beauty in people’s hearts. She dreams of love that never dies and gives eternal strength to those who have it.

As she walks on, she realizes that her fairy tale dreams will never be complete without the love of her life by her side.

At that moment, she sees his silhouette and runs through the last rays of sun to greet him.

Love is in the air…



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