Casual Upgrades

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Hi girls,

You must be puzzled by what the photo above is supposed to mean..well this is how I feel when I need to go NOW and I still haven’t decided what to wear. It is really frustrating and makes me late sometimes (ok ok, it makes me late a lot). I don’t like to plan my outfit and makeup the night before because I want it to reflect my mood today. So I refuse to plan ahead unless it is an important event, like a friend’s wedding, Fashion Week or Christmas.

Moving on from that little issues, today I needed a slick but casual look. I wanted to feel cool in +32C yet constrained in movement, elegant but sexy and both confident and shy all at the same time. Sounds complicated? It is not. I wore a thick red lip and neutral eyeshadow with some liner – that is your confident and shy. Classic nude pumps with a lace top for elegant but sexy. And for feeling cool in +32C yet constrained – spaghetti strap top with a pencil skirt. See, told you it is easy.

What do you do if you don’t want to be rushed and frustrated in the morning? Here is the big secret: plan what you going to wear the night before. Simple 🙂 If you have chosen this way then don’t stop on the outfit, plan makeup and accessories to match! Very important!

If you are a free bird and hate planning there is only one way to deal with this and that is to wake up early! Well, looking your best is important, beauty requires sacrifice as they say. If you call waking up 20 minutes earlier a sacrifice. Anyway!

This is the look that I chose for the day. It is perfect for afternoon tea or a special lunch with your friends or boyfriend. Its sexiness is obvious yet toned down but very strict classic shoes and straight hair. 

The colors are simple and natural and will look good in any interior, indoors or outdoors. Always go for natural colors if you want to look fresh and not made up too much. Everyone will be charmed immediately!


More shots just for fun))) And details ~(yawn)~:

Top by aijek (can purchase in KEEPERS store)

Skirt by Saturday by Kate Spade

Shoes by Saint Laurent

Bag by Valentino

And remember: don’t hide your beauty from the people! We all wanna see!!



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