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This lovely Aussie brand was introduced to me by a friend of mine and came highly recommended. I have to say I was sceptical. I am always sceptical of things that claim to be all natural.

So I went to their store, with an “I am not convinced face”, got some samples and went home.
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Within a couple of weeks I have used up all my samples and fell in love with all the products that contain Geranium. It is just a magical smell. So I went back to the store and got myself some Geranium products.

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Geranium leaf body scrub by Aesop is very grainy as you would expect from a quality body scrub, it is not greasy or creamy at all. Instead it is like shower gel mixed with some grains. Looks a little grey-ish.


The amount above is enough to cover your whole body and fill the bathroom with a lovely scent of geranium mixed with bergamot and mandarin orange oil. IMG_4702

If you just rub it in without using any water it will feel very rough and will not soap up. This is the way I recommend using it for your feet.


I do like to spread it with very little water about once a month to get rid of some rough skin.IMG_4708

Once water is added it spread super easy and foams up really well. 


I like to smear it over the whole body whilst breathing in the aroma. You could say it is like my aromatherapy session at home)))

Now this is Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste. It doesn’t contain any geranium, but I decided to try a new exfoliant since my old one ran out. It looks like a creamy paste but is actually very light. It is still grainy, but not as rough as the Body Scrub.    IMG_4713

It is quite refined and feels comfortable even on my sensitive skin. I always apply it on a wet face and rub it in gently in circular motion in a way that lifts the skin up (meaning pressing a little harder on the way up and in, and gliding lightly whilst going down and outward). That is an excellent tip if you feel up to a little lifting effect.

I have to say it took me a while to get used to the smell of this product. It is not pleasant, I have been told it is due to lactic acid. However, the result is so good, it is worth pinching your nose for a minute the first few times. Because this product is made with natural ingredients the smell does not stick around. As soon as you rinse your face it is completely gone. My skin feels like velvet, super smooth, even and soft. Almost like baby skin. I use this 2-3 times a week and focus on the T zone and on the area around the lips. This really makes a huge difference for when I apply a darker lipstick.

Don’t forget to apply a generous amount of moisturiser after this.


This baby is for the rest of the week, when I am not using the Exfoliant. It might be the worlds best smelling cleanser. It is super refreshing and it can wake me up at 3 am with the help of some cool water. If you have a problem getting out of bed – this is a wise investment. 

And this is the final stage of the body care – Geranium Leaf Body Balm. Since the products only contain natural ingredients the scent of the Body Scrub or Cleanser won’t stick around, because you have to rinse it off. But the Body Balm scent will and it stays with you. It is a mild natural smell so it won’t interfere with your perfume, but it will be detectable on your skin for a couple hours.


I love to apply this product. It is super easy to smear, glides like butter and is very hydrating.


I like to start with my knees and elbows and spread up and down. As you can see, it looks white once spread and doesn’t feel greasy at all.


The Body Balm absorbs really well and makes my body feel soft and moist.



I am hooked. 


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