10 Good and Bad Fashion investments Continued

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Expensive White shirt


White is known to be a very impractical color. Although there are plenty of exceptions, a huge amount of everyday items in white still prove a bad investment. A white shirt is one of them. After wearing it for just a few days it will already have yellowish stains around the collar and armpit. You just can’t save it no matter how hard you try. That is why there is no point buying an expensive white shirt, it won’t last long enough to justify the price.

Expensive Layering tops


White or nude layering tops that you might use to protect your white shirt are likely to prove useful. However layering tops, white, nude or otherwise, are usually worn underneath something and very rarely on its own, so there is no point spending a lot of money on them in my personal opinion. It won’t really make a difference to your look and certainly won’t add any style. Think of it as a corkscrew – useless without that wine bottle, but essential if you wanna open one. Would you spend a lot on a corkscrew?

Expensive Trainers


As for trainers, its a totally different story. Loved for their comfort and bright colors, trainers seem like something you should spend a little bit more on. However, I have to say the the choice of trainers or trainer like shoes is so great that you don’t need to fork out any more than a $100 to get a really awesome pair. Brands like Converse or Nike offer super stylish options all for under $100. So save the cash for that suit or your status bag.

Flip flops


This one fascinates me most. I keep seeing those special edition bejeweled out of this world flip flops on people’s feet. People!!!! Wake up!!! Stop! This is crazy! Its like buying a toothbrush with a diamond pave or a ruby and emerald encrusted tongue scrubber! Insanity itself.

Bonus item:

Extravagant items


Sometimes every one of us goes crazy for something we have seen on a celebrity or a store window. We fall for the unique design, unbelievable embellishment or for the whole image (who wore it, where they wore it or how an experienced visual merchandiser presented it in the store window). Regardless of the reason, we should definitely tread carefully. First of all, this is the sort of item that is unforgettable. On the one hand that is great, on the other – the next time you wear it everyone is going to know its the second time. Secondly, these items never come cheap, mainly because of the amount of work that goes into it. So if the one you like is cheap it is not a good sign. If it is expensive, there is a question “is it worth it”?

I leave you with Coco Chanel’s quote which might just help you decide:

Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.


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