Supereasy breakfast for 2

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Just wanted to share my super easy breakfast with you guys.

Since I always wake up VERY hungry I prefer to go for an easy and fast breakfast. Most of the times I have my lazy oats 😉 

Occasionally, I want something warm and cheesy and that is when I whip out the pan.

This healthy breakfast takes minutes to prep and cook.

First of all I chop a few cherry tomatoes and some sweet pepper and sometimes sweet chilli pepper for added spice. Quickly fry it in some olive oil, literally for 1 minute. 


Then add 3 eggs, don’t worry this is for 2 people! Wait about a minute or 2 and mix it.


Then sprinkle some cheese on top, and this is a real bad time to be greedy. Its breakfast, a few extra calories won’t hurt, so add extra cheese and enjoy the taste. I have used mature cheddar here.


Give it a minute to melt, fold the mixture over itself and voila! All ready to plate up.


Throw some crunchy salad leaves, sprinkle some virgin olive oil and balsamic, or whatever you feel like having and put the “lazy omelette” on top.

Add some pepper to taste, and if you like it salty add some salt or even more cheese! I’m always generous with cheese so there is never any need for extra salt.

Bon appetit! 


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