Magical Skyscraper Land: Hong Kong

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Hi guys,

You have probably noticed from my Instagram that I recently went to Hong Kong for the first time ever. It was a short trip, but it certainly didn’t lack in anything.

So here are my tips for what to do in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong is just a short fight away from Singapore, making it a prime spot for any city lover residing in Singapore.


I had to take this huge suitcase with me for all those new and cool things I was gonna buy in Hong Kong. And yes, this was very clever!

Tip number 1: Bring an extra suitcase

Hong Kong was always at the top of my list and so I was super excited to go there. Cant say I started planning for the trip far ahead, it was all very last minute.

All I knew was that I had to try local food, check out the malls and walk around Hong Kong for as long as it takes to form an opinion of this awesome city.

Getting there was fast and easy. The airport is as efficient as Changi and there was no taxi queue so we literally walked right into a cab. And I gotta say it didn’t take long to impress me. All those green tropical hills, islands and light fog was quite enchanting. I love the feeling of space in general, but this just seemed like another planet. The skyscrapers hiding behind the hills, endless bridges, islands, I felt like I was high above the ground even though I was in a cab.

Tip number 2 – do take a cab from the airport, you wont regret it.

Another thing that struck me was construction work everywhere. I am not complaining here, I just didn’t expect to see as much road works and construction sites. Hong Kong is definitely still growing at a really fast pace.


As we got closer to the hotel, it felt much more like a city and less of a magical skyscraper land. We stayed in Central area. Boasting more mirrored glass skyscrapers than I could possibly imagine, Central is paradise for the modern architecture lovers as well as members of the skyscraper appreciation society like myself. LOL

The area also has a lot of restaurants and shopping malls. So plenty to do here.



Waking up to this view felt truly magical.

My tip number 3 – if budget allows, stay in Central

and enjoy what it has to offer. I loved how everything was walking distance (relatively speaking). I enjoy walking and the weather was perfect so we walked all around Sheung Wan and Soho areas.

Navigating around a new city is always a pain, so our first stop was a 7-eleven. Got the SIM cards, activated a data package and off we went.

Tip number 4 – get a sim card and stop yourself from getting lost!

We got ours in a 7-eleven inside one of the metro stations (MTRs).

First things first – I really wanted to see Sheung Wan and Soho. Partly because of the history of the areas, partly because of convenience we went there first. I gotta say it is a very eclectic place. Just a crazy mixture of everything. Imagine walking down the road and seeing a traditional chinese medicine store next to a designer boutique, then a calligraphy store and then a deserted shop and an expensive restaurant. I was constantly like “What the hell”. In other words: unpredictable, must see, quirky, do not take it too seriously.




Tip 5: walk around Sheung Wan and Soho. Wont take long, will no doubt surprise you.

If you are a big fan of shopping malls and just cant get enough, you should definitely try IFC. It is a lot of walking, a lot of designer stores, the biggest high street names as well as an unusual amount of mid range stores, which are so rare. You will need deep pockets if you want to buy several pieces here, but if you have saved up for a quality piece this is a perfect place.



If you have a day or more to spend on shopping, you should head straight to Tsim Sha Tsui or TST. This whole area is basically one giant shopping mall, incredible variety of items, lots to see and just an incredible experience all together. Miles and miles of walking in and out different stores will definitely tire you out, but hopefully you will pick up some awesome stuff along the way.


Tip 6: wear your most comfortable shoes. They are your best friends in HK.

If this is still not enough shopping for you, try Times Square and the surrounding area. I found a lot of quirky Japanese items in this area 🙂



In terms of food Hong Kong is no doubt a paradise. With so many amazing restaurants to choose from, we were really lost and decided to go with some recommendations first.

Mott 32 was amazing. I love the dark lounge atmosphere and it is always nice to be escorted to your table by a beautiful hostess.


The food was delicious, modern Chinese is the best I can describe it, traditional flavours with a modern spin, well presented and delicious. Had crispy duck and these little pork and cucumber rolls.


A very romantic place, perfect for a date with your loved one.


Now the next place was really quite something. I wanted to try local food from the start and what is better than a traditional tea house? One of the oldest ones in Hong Kong – Lin Heung Tea House in Wellington street. It was definitely an experience…first of all you kinda have to wash your own cups and chopsticks here. Secondly, you have to speak Chinese to order. Thirdly, all tables are large and round and so you have to just join people at their table. Only locals here, I haven’t noticed a single tourist. The food is all worth it though, the pork soup was delicious, the egg noodles where the best I had, dim sum was full of flavour too.


Tin Lung Heen was another restaurant we tried in Hong Kong. Couldn’t resist having crispy duck again and of course tried the dim sum too.Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 12.16.49 PM I have to say this place is a bit overrated, the food was not as amazing as TripAdvisor promised, but the view from 102nd floor was to die for.




I have to say my favourite thing about Hong Kong is the view at night. Paired with some cocktails and a cheese platter it is truly unbeatable.



IMG_1516I will be back soon!


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