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All you need to know about Urban Decay Vice palette


As you already know, I don’t just write good reviews. Nah-ah. Even though I always try to buy quality products, sometimes I do end up regretting my purchase. And I will let the world know about (even though some might hate me for it).

So today’s review is about Vice eyeshadow palette by Urban Decay. Well we have all heard about their nude palette and there is no denying it is a best seller. 

However, this is a different story. I bough it a while back and have had enough time to form an objective opinion on it since then.


Ok lets start with the good things:


The color selection here is pretty amazing. This is why I bought this platte in the first place. It covers your nude looks, you can easily do a smokey eye and it has some more for party eyes. All the right ones are matte and all the right ones have light reflecting particles. Fantastic. 


Millie agrees with me and loves the color range too, she also decided she should be the centre of attention in all the shots from now on. I cannot argue with that 🙂

Moving on to staying on:

With my MAC paintpot these shadows stay on pretty well. Even in very hot humid weather they will not let you down. Meow to that!



These eyeshadows have not irritated my eyes or skin, never had any issues, no allergic reactions, no redness, nothing whatsoever.


Will also do nicely as an arm rest…or paw rest for that matter. 


The packaging is great as it has a great big mirror and a double sided brush of decent quality. One side is for applying or dabbing on the color and the other – for blending it in with the rest.

So you don’t need to use your fingers)


And now to the annoying things:


This is where I have a serious issues with this palette. On many levels. Firstly, when I dab the shadow with the brush far to much eyeshadow clings to the brush. So I have to shake the brush off or even dab it on a tissue. There is also a lot of loose shadow that spreads out around the palette. So the colors get mixed up a little and I keep having to blow the loose shadow off. This is all wasteful and annoying. Does is happen with other shadows? Yes sure, but nowhere near as much!!!


Another thing – whole chunks of eyeshadow separate from their square and fall off. A tiny drop will do serious damage and you will loose a lot of eyeshadow after a bigger one. Happened a lot to me. I do drop other palettes too, I am not just clumsy with this one. And I have to say the others cope with drops infinitely better. This one annoys me a lot.



Most shadows are hard to blend without the primer. Vice by Urban Decay is impossible to blend without the primer. I think it has something to do with how loose it gets, because it means that it is very uneven on the brush and therefore unevenly applied to the skin. It is not a big deal, because you should always use a primer, but it is good to know all the details anyway.


Thanks for reading my review and I hope you found it very useful! 


 P.S. Special thanks to Millie for modelling for this post 😉

10 ways to transform your look from day to night 

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As a person who has some experience working in the office I can tell with certainty that it is possible to express yourself even if your company has a strict dress code. In this post I will show you how to transform you office look into a night look. So you will look ready to party right after work whilst everyone else still looks office-y and boring.

1. Eyeliner


The instant way to transform that office look is to grab your eyeliner and draw a cat eye there and then. I guarantee everyone will notice. Dont be shy, it is after office hours so draw it thick. Make a statement.

Advantages: fast, will stay on all night, no maintenance required.

Disadvantages: none.

2. Lipstick


The second fastest way (if we are talking makeup) to go day-to-night is with the help of a lip liner and lipstick. 

It will take longer to apply than eyeliner, but it does guarantee the results. Besides, it also injects color and shine to your look and makes you stand out even more. Lipstick is the oldest trick in the book.

Advantages: fast, color injection, sexy

Disadvantages: needs maintenance.

3. Large earrings.

 354X490TMPL-10  354X490TMPL-11  354X490TMPL-12
AZ Collection  Bjorg  LES NEREIDES 
Triple strand pearl drop earrings Distinctive ear cuffs made from silver-plated bronze and white horsehair Gypsunset Red and Turquoise Drop Earrings

You know those large dangl-y things that always attract attention? They are made for the night. Go for a more classic design to make sure they match to your look and don’t end up looking out of place. 

Advantages: fast, major look enhancement, can draw light to your face and make you look more youthful and glowing

Disadvantages: can be hard to match, don’t suit everyone, can be expensive.

4. Waist belt.

396424_in_l 416125_in_l 412496_in_l
Cutout leather waist belt Textured faux leather skinny belt Animal-print calf hair waist belt

One of the stronger tools on the list – a wide waist belt. This accessory is a powerful weapon. Super chic and very sexy, it is the cavalry of your look. 

Advantages: chic, sexy

Disadvantages: can be expensive, will not suit everyone.

5. Clutch or party bag.

354X490TMPL-13 org_9966253242 354X490TMPL-14
Valentino Vlieger & Vandam Marc Jacobs
Rockstud Smeraldo Leather Saddlebag Claw Purse Suede Mini Trouble Shoulder Bag in Electric Blue

An easy way to transform your look is to swap your handbag for a mini bag or an evening clutch. Just bring it along with you and be sure to flaunt it after work!

Advantages: easy

Disadvantages: not as noticeable as others, sometimes hard to match.

6. Party shoes.

354X490TMPL-15 354X490TMPL-16 354X490TMPL-17
Black Satin and Crystals Sandals Shine Bright White Peeptoe Platform Sandal Black Suede Sandal w/Studs

Another great way to spice things up is to bring a pair of party heels and keep them under your desk. Even you have forgotten all of the above, the party shoes will give you a free pass. Find a pair that really stands out and match it to your outfit. Metallic heels should do the job nicely and be an easy match.

Advantages: need i spell it out?

Disadvantages: none

7. Jacket.

 1434405403274-P-2737773  1436222214675-P-2807593  1416854270734-P-2216973
Full Print Trendy Style Stand Collar Long Sleeve Coat For Women Stylish Lapel Long Sleeve One-Button Cheetah Print Blazer For Women Plaid Tweed Fashionable Round Neck Long Sleeve Jacket

Certain evening activities might require a jacket. We are not talking about your suit jacket here. A more classic or casual chic version is what we are looking for. Chanel style jacket will work with most looks, it’s extremely versatile and a worthy thing to have in your wardrobe regardless. A leather jacket can dramatically transform you into a bad girl and if that is what you what – go for it.

Advantages: drastic, gorgeous

Disadvantages: none

8. Skin.

 Processed with Moldiv  Processed with Moldiv  IMG_5877

Want to be prepared for a red carpet event? No problem. Wear your best black suit to work and whenever you are ready to go remove that shirt/top underneath. Yes, we are talking about not wearing anything underneath the jacket. 

Advantages: extremely sexy

Disadvantages: must defeat the shyness inside

9. Statement necklace.

37-14310709923498 51-14367764377469 45-14079943334252
Wing Water Wave Necklace Woven Olivet Necklace Gold Pearl Alloy Necklace

The most popular option of all – a statement necklace. We all have one of those somewhere. Wear it with a plain shirt to get everyone’s attention in focus.

Advantages: easy

Disadvantages: limited use: you wear it a couple times and everyone remembers it (so buy cheap ones)

10. Go luxe.

article-2088088-0F809ADD00000578-229_634x879 Bar+Refaeli+Layered+Necklaces+Layered+Diamond+0AEA4It_DFVl 1212-stacked-necklaces-David-Yurman-ad-REV

For the lucky few that have diamonds to spare, layering your precious jewels is a fantastic option. The light will illuminate your face, the layering will give you a polished modern look and the boss will have no choice but to give you a raise. You are going to need it to pay for all those jewels!

What is your favourite way to go from day to night? Tell me in your comments!


e.l.f. secret sale

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Sale Now On!

Just found this pretty awesome beauty sale for e.l.f. cosmetics. Check it out and see if anything you want is on offer, this sale is not to be missed.

And don’t forget to let your friends know! Sharing is caring 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 1.29.27 pm

It’s a secret sale! 40% off top-rated treasures Valid 8.4.15 to 8.11.15
50% Off our Candy Apple Red Color Crush selection! Enter code CANDY at checkout. Offer valid 8.4 – 8.10.15.

Some of my favourite products currently on sale:

e.l.f. Essential Smudge Pot Cream Eyeshadow Gotta Glow
This smooth gel formula glides on perfectly. Use it as a long-lasting eyeshadow or eyeliner! Enriched with Vitamin E to nourish and hydrate the delicate eye area.
e.l.f. Studio Blush Palette Light
This beautiful blush palette holds 4 gorgeous shades to mix and match throughout the year for a custom blended color. Great for contouring, shading, sculpting, and highlighting, these silky smooth blushes create a beautiful pigmented glow. With a mixture of complimentary matte and shimmer finishes, you can achieve a professional look every time.
e.l.f. Studio Lip Exfoliator
Gently exfoliate lips to remove dry, chapped skin with our Lip Exfoliator! A sweet sugar and smoothing sensation, infused with Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Avocado, Grape and Jojoba Oils to nourish and protect. This Lip Exfoliator treats and smoothes lips for a conditioned and revitalized feel.


Worst shampoo I have ever bought

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Nobody is immune to the handy work of the corporate marketing gurus.

After all, they are the pros. Having repeatedly sworn to myself that I will not fall for their sweet words again, I still find myself buying stuff I don’t need, stuff that just sucks or stuff that’s on offer. Grrrrr!!!


One of those things was my Volume shampoo and conditioner for Fine hair by Phyto Paris.

Here is how the story goes.

Before I begin, I have to warn you that this post contains an image of a very angry-looking cat.

WARNING: If you are sensitive to angry cat images look away now!

Having left the hairdresser with an uplifted mood I decided to treat my hair with a little something it will like. After all it has done for me, it deserved some spoiling. 

So I went to a beauty store nearby and after hearing some recommendations from the consultant I purchased a Phyto shampoo and conditioner set.

Next morning was when that mood became rather shitty. (And not because the shampoo was brown in color, that would just be silly, and it did become sorta see-through as I spread it). It was because of this: after putting a tonne of shampoo on my hair I still had almost NO FOAM at all!

The shampoo didnt foam!! Whaaat! What were they thinking? Who tested this product?! 


Was it a test group of cats? Like oh great, there is no foam, no mess. And actually we don’t really water either. It’s a done deal. We will go with that. 

To prove this theory I went and tested it on my three cats. They have never been great fans of showers and never really shown any signs of overwhelming joy caused by the foam, so it was a high chance they would approve this shampoo. 

The results were what they call inconclusive, meaning one of the cats didn’t like it, whilst the other two behaved as usual.


Clearly not a fan…

But let’s go back to the effect of Phyto on human hair. After I finished helplessly trying to foam up my hair and rinsed this shampoo out, my hair felt like the rough side of a kitchen sponge: rough, dirty and stuck together with superglue.

Not exactly the effect I was hoping for.


Still clinging on to the shreds of optimism I got on with it. I don’t usually follow instructions and prefer to put more conditioner than recommended since my hair is quite dry. But since this was the first time using this brand, I squeezed a recommended coin size amount of Phyto conditioner and gently spread it all over avoiding the scalp. That seemed to make things much better.

After blow drying my hair looked very sleek, flat and feeling slightly oily. In three words: second day hair. 

If I were to do a promise vs result comparison table it would look like this:

What the label promised

The Actual Result

Volume  Flat as a surface of a frozen lake (and not in a romantic way, in a cold mean slippery kind of way)
 Perfect for fine hair       Made it heavy and slightly oily.
 $80 worth of value $0 value (and I am being generous here)
 Luxury brand made in Paris  Overpriced brand that invested everything into marketing and nothing into the product.

So here is my final rating of Phyto Volume shampoo and conditioner for fine hair.


Shampoo – 0 out of 10: doesnt wash, doesnt foam. I could give it a star for the smell but come on.

Conditioner – 3 out of 10: made my hair soft at the expense of making it heavy and oily. 

And finally, with my readers as my witnesses I swear to never buy products that are constantly on offer, or products that I can’t explain why I need. Amen.

P.S. I will probably still buy too much, but hell I am good at explaining why I “need” it)))


Beauty products you can easily save on 

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Have you ever tried to calculate how much money you have spent on your beauty stash?

Well, even if you are not a beauty junkie, I am sure it is a considerable sum.

We are talking $500 or even more.

So clearly it is important to consider the effectiveness of our beauty products and think about what kind of products we can save on.

Toothpaste and toothbrushes

There are a lot of myths out there about the magic properties of toothpaste. I gotta say, toothpaste in itself doesn’t really make any difference. Unless you have severe tooth sensitivity it is probably not worth it to splurge on it. After all, toothpaste is a necessity and necessities should be very affordable.


Toothbrushes may seem like a super important tool, we all want the perfect smile, right? Well here is what my dentist said about expensive toothbrushes:

“…a complete waste of you money, moreover electric toothbrushes can damage your enamel”.  

Yep, all those high tech ultrasonic electric NASA developed fit for a Queen toothbrushes are just that – a waste of money. The toothbrush he recommended was a simple old school brush costing only a couple bucks. The only special thing about it is that it has 0.01mm bristles.

Shampoos and conditioners


Having tried a super wide range of shampoos and conditioners costing anywhere between $2 and $60 on my hair for years I can confirm that none of them stand out when it comes to results. Some are more foamy, some smell much better, but overall they are all the same. It would take me a year to remember all the brands that I used, but here are the most famous ones: Sunsilk, Herbal Essenses, Dove, Gliss kur, Tresseme, Ojon, Kerastase, Phyto, Fructice, Pantene, Head&Shoulders, Palmolive, Wella, Redken, Shauma, Aesop. All the same. Can you save lotsa money on that? Most definitely. 

Shower gel

Much like shampoos and conditioners, shower gels are all alike.


Unless you want to pay $$ extra for a special smell you like, don’t fall for the marketing. 

Makeup brushes

Well I know this one is a popular question so here is my belief about makeup brushes. Get good quality brushes that last, but don’t fall for the brandname. If you want to save money on your brushes – you can. I got my 30 piece CICI & SISI set (that includes 5 large brushes) on Amazon couple of years ago for around $90. I have been washing and drying them several times a week and they still look and feel as good as new. Before that I had another set of 15 brushes which I got on Ebay for $20. They were perfectly fine, but got lost because of me constantly moving house. The choice is yours –

you can buy a MAC brush for $90 or spend the same amount on a huge set of brushes for all your needs.


IMG_8622This one is much more controversial. There are a lot of people that will never give up their expensive mascara not for anything in the world. And thats fine. What we are talking about here is saving money if you want to save it. I have to admit I use the High Impact mascara by Clinique and don’t want to change any time soon, but a Loreal mascara does a great job. The only reason i stick with Clinique is because i feel it is much easier to color my lashes with a brush that the Clinique mascara has, it is much more solid, has more bristles and doesn’t bend. I need twice as much time to achieve the same effect with Loreal’s mascaras. 

Facial Cleansers

As a big fan of Fabulous Face Cleanser by Aesop, it is hard for me to say that spending $65 on a facial cleanser is definitely splurging. Well I have to admit, it is splurging. I really can’t help it, that smell wakes me up in the morning and I would rather give up my morning coffee than the cleanser.


Another thing I will admit is that I really don’t see any changes on my skin and I fully realise that I am paying for the gorgeous Bergamot smell that I love so much.

To sum up, the golden rule for saving money on beauty products is:

Save on everything that you wash off and invest in everything that you leave on your face or body.


Awesome Braids for Summer

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Image from here.

Braids are a great way to glam up your look. For prom night, wedding parties or any other special occasion why not go for a braided updo? Unpretentious but very stylish this will work great and keep the hair out of your face the whole night. Woo hoo!


Image from here.

For a sexy layered look all you need is a couple of simple braids peeking from relaxed wavy hair. The ruffles on Kim’s top definitely adds romance and femininity to this look and are a perfect match with her hair.


Image from here.

Taylor Swift’s easy updo seems to contain a variety of braids tied around the headband. Can you DIY it? Absolutely!


 Image from here.

If you looooove to accessorize this is your thing, messy braided updo held up by lotsa bling. Yeah!


Image from here.

A simple ponytail fishtail can be highly effective and give your look a young vibe. Add hair extensions to get a gorgeous voluminous fishtail like Blake’s.


Image from here.

This hairdo has some added oomph thanks to that extra volume on top. Red carpet ready.


Image from here.

I just love how crazy this look is. Its like you’ve been driving a sexy convertible with your bestie up and down the country and just arrived at the party.

Processed with Moldiv

This is my first attempt to do a fishtail 🙂 I definitely need more practice.


Image from here.

Gorgeous look that is probably impossible to DIY, simply beautiful. No idea how to do it. Quick, call your hairdresser!


Image from here.

This one is totally manageable and will look equally cool on an adult. 


 Image from here.

This one is a favorite of mine, so slick and super cool for a sporty young look. Warning: You gotta do it real tight, so don’t attempt if you have a sensitive scalp.


Image from here.

Why not add on a string of gems, ribbons or chains? This can instantly transform the look and make it look hip, boho or edgy. 


Image from here.

This easy updo is right up my street. Perfect for when you are already late. Save this photo for those kind of emergencies.


Image from here.

Is this the fattest fishtail you have ever seen or what? Love it! I will definitely try to reproduce this look with the help of a LOT of hair extensions and some hair chalk. 

I hope there is enough inspiration here for you to go ahead and try a braid! 



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Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 6.34.30 pm

This lovely Aussie brand was introduced to me by a friend of mine and came highly recommended. I have to say I was sceptical. I am always sceptical of things that claim to be all natural.

So I went to their store, with an “I am not convinced face”, got some samples and went home.
Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 6.21.59 pm

Within a couple of weeks I have used up all my samples and fell in love with all the products that contain Geranium. It is just a magical smell. So I went back to the store and got myself some Geranium products.

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 6.22.10 pm

Geranium leaf body scrub by Aesop is very grainy as you would expect from a quality body scrub, it is not greasy or creamy at all. Instead it is like shower gel mixed with some grains. Looks a little grey-ish.


The amount above is enough to cover your whole body and fill the bathroom with a lovely scent of geranium mixed with bergamot and mandarin orange oil. IMG_4702

If you just rub it in without using any water it will feel very rough and will not soap up. This is the way I recommend using it for your feet.


I do like to spread it with very little water about once a month to get rid of some rough skin.IMG_4708

Once water is added it spread super easy and foams up really well. 


I like to smear it over the whole body whilst breathing in the aroma. You could say it is like my aromatherapy session at home)))

Now this is Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste. It doesn’t contain any geranium, but I decided to try a new exfoliant since my old one ran out. It looks like a creamy paste but is actually very light. It is still grainy, but not as rough as the Body Scrub.    IMG_4713

It is quite refined and feels comfortable even on my sensitive skin. I always apply it on a wet face and rub it in gently in circular motion in a way that lifts the skin up (meaning pressing a little harder on the way up and in, and gliding lightly whilst going down and outward). That is an excellent tip if you feel up to a little lifting effect.

I have to say it took me a while to get used to the smell of this product. It is not pleasant, I have been told it is due to lactic acid. However, the result is so good, it is worth pinching your nose for a minute the first few times. Because this product is made with natural ingredients the smell does not stick around. As soon as you rinse your face it is completely gone. My skin feels like velvet, super smooth, even and soft. Almost like baby skin. I use this 2-3 times a week and focus on the T zone and on the area around the lips. This really makes a huge difference for when I apply a darker lipstick.

Don’t forget to apply a generous amount of moisturiser after this.


This baby is for the rest of the week, when I am not using the Exfoliant. It might be the worlds best smelling cleanser. It is super refreshing and it can wake me up at 3 am with the help of some cool water. If you have a problem getting out of bed – this is a wise investment. 

And this is the final stage of the body care – Geranium Leaf Body Balm. Since the products only contain natural ingredients the scent of the Body Scrub or Cleanser won’t stick around, because you have to rinse it off. But the Body Balm scent will and it stays with you. It is a mild natural smell so it won’t interfere with your perfume, but it will be detectable on your skin for a couple hours.


I love to apply this product. It is super easy to smear, glides like butter and is very hydrating.


I like to start with my knees and elbows and spread up and down. As you can see, it looks white once spread and doesn’t feel greasy at all.


The Body Balm absorbs really well and makes my body feel soft and moist.



I am hooked. 


Casual Upgrades

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Hi girls,

You must be puzzled by what the photo above is supposed to mean..well this is how I feel when I need to go NOW and I still haven’t decided what to wear. It is really frustrating and makes me late sometimes (ok ok, it makes me late a lot). I don’t like to plan my outfit and makeup the night before because I want it to reflect my mood today. So I refuse to plan ahead unless it is an important event, like a friend’s wedding, Fashion Week or Christmas.

Moving on from that little issues, today I needed a slick but casual look. I wanted to feel cool in +32C yet constrained in movement, elegant but sexy and both confident and shy all at the same time. Sounds complicated? It is not. I wore a thick red lip and neutral eyeshadow with some liner – that is your confident and shy. Classic nude pumps with a lace top for elegant but sexy. And for feeling cool in +32C yet constrained – spaghetti strap top with a pencil skirt. See, told you it is easy.

What do you do if you don’t want to be rushed and frustrated in the morning? Here is the big secret: plan what you going to wear the night before. Simple 🙂 If you have chosen this way then don’t stop on the outfit, plan makeup and accessories to match! Very important!

If you are a free bird and hate planning there is only one way to deal with this and that is to wake up early! Well, looking your best is important, beauty requires sacrifice as they say. If you call waking up 20 minutes earlier a sacrifice. Anyway!

This is the look that I chose for the day. It is perfect for afternoon tea or a special lunch with your friends or boyfriend. Its sexiness is obvious yet toned down but very strict classic shoes and straight hair. 

The colors are simple and natural and will look good in any interior, indoors or outdoors. Always go for natural colors if you want to look fresh and not made up too much. Everyone will be charmed immediately!


More shots just for fun))) And details ~(yawn)~:

Top by aijek (can purchase in KEEPERS store)

Skirt by Saturday by Kate Spade

Shoes by Saint Laurent

Bag by Valentino

And remember: don’t hide your beauty from the people! We all wanna see!!



Beauty Report: Fall 2014 Nail Trends


Another September, another slew of hot beauty trends. No other beauty trend is as fun and playful as nail trends. Nail trends and nail art have been getting a lot of attention as of late, and that comes as no surprise since the past few years have seen a rise in nail salons, nail polish brands, and fascination and demand for anything and everything that relates to nail care, maintenance, and fashion. After all, you can never be fully dressed and in style if your digits are out of date.

Keep your tips n’ toes at the top of their game with the modern nail trends that have cropping up in the runways. Get inspired by them and do your own take (DIY, here we come!), or simply imitate these hot nail trends from designer runways and bring them to reality.  These nail trends are also great ways to increase the trendiness of your office ensembles, or even make your everyday denim uniform look more fashion forward. Nothing dresses up an outfit quite like well manicured fingers with some truly chic nail colour. Here’s our rundown of Fall 2014’s top nail trends:

The Vamp



The renaissance of 90s fashion has naturally extended into the beauty industry. One of the hottest hues this season is vampy red. The iconic Chanel Vamp is a modern classic, made popular by Uma Thurman in the movie Pulp Fiction. Bottles of this deep red polish were sold out within seconds during the 90s, and now this hue is back, and it’s a stronger trend than ever. Do yourself a favor, and grab yourself a bottle of this color. Although it’s one of the hottest this season, it’ll last you way beyond that.

In the Nude



Pale pink, flesh-colored, nude nails ruled the runways this season. This understated and versatile trend is elegant and polished (pun intended) enough for any type of occasion or event, and is sure to lend your overall look some class and sophistication. Whether your nude tips are done in sheer or opaque, you simply can’t go wrong with this feminine yet ultra chic nail trend.




Gunmetal Gray is a hue that deserves a category all its own given how prevalent and well-received it was on a lot of designer runways. Metallics are always a good option when it comes to nail colour and nail art, but gunmetal adds a bit of edge and upscale glamorous rock n’ roll to your fingertips.

Art Attack



Nail art remains strong for this coming season. Whether you love to deck out your digits with stick-on prints or designs, jewels and studs, or colour splashes and unique golden patterns, you can be assured that creative and even over-the-top nail art is here to stay. Flex your artistic minds and muscles, ladies. Tis’ the season for wearable art right at your fingertips.

Gilded Beauty



Golden, bronze, or platinum silver; whatever metallic hue you choose you’ll be at the top of your nail game. Metallics just give an outfit that extra pop, fizz, and sparkle that it needs. A great DIY idea would be to layer all these metallics together or even use different metallics to give your nails a super trendy ombre effect.




Do the math and learn your angles, it’s time to apply some line and geometric patterns to your nails. This minimalist yet very graphic nail trend is the one to watch. Get on this trend, and you’ll be one of the first–and the chicest too. Use bright colours to contrast with the negative space, it will really make your cutting edge avant garde mani stand out even more.

Which nail trends will you be trying this weekend? I hope this post inspired you! It surely inspired me, I’ll be off to the nail salon ASAP! Have a great weekend ladies!

All Images from PopSugar and Bella Sugar