Awesome Braids for Summer


Image from here.

Braids are a great way to glam up your look. For prom night, wedding parties or any other special occasion why not go for a braided updo? Unpretentious but very stylish this will work great and keep the hair out of your face the whole night. Woo hoo!


Image from here.

For a sexy layered look all you need is a couple of simple braids peeking from relaxed wavy hair. The ruffles on Kim’s top definitely adds romance and femininity to this look and are a perfect match with her hair.


Image from here.

Taylor Swift’s easy updo seems to contain a variety of braids tied around the headband. Can you DIY it? Absolutely!


 Image from here.

If you looooove to accessorize this is your thing, messy braided updo held up by lotsa bling. Yeah!


Image from here.

A simple ponytail fishtail can be highly effective and give your look a young vibe. Add hair extensions to get a gorgeous voluminous fishtail like Blake’s.


Image from here.

This hairdo has some added oomph thanks to that extra volume on top. Red carpet ready.


Image from here.

I just love how crazy this look is. Its like you’ve been driving a sexy convertible with your bestie up and down the country and just arrived at the party.

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This is my first attempt to do a fishtail 🙂 I definitely need more practice.


Image from here.

Gorgeous look that is probably impossible to DIY, simply beautiful. No idea how to do it. Quick, call your hairdresser!


Image from here.

This one is totally manageable and will look equally cool on an adult. 


 Image from here.

This one is a favorite of mine, so slick and super cool for a sporty young look. Warning: You gotta do it real tight, so don’t attempt if you have a sensitive scalp.


Image from here.

Why not add on a string of gems, ribbons or chains? This can instantly transform the look and make it look hip, boho or edgy. 


Image from here.

This easy updo is right up my street. Perfect for when you are already late. Save this photo for those kind of emergencies.


Image from here.

Is this the fattest fishtail you have ever seen or what? Love it! I will definitely try to reproduce this look with the help of a LOT of hair extensions and some hair chalk. 

I hope there is enough inspiration here for you to go ahead and try a braid! 


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