Back to Black


Just how chic is black?

In my personal opinion, very. Always been, always will. And it is backed by research! See the results here.

So rock the black and forget all those doubts. Black is always hot. Whether you are going to an interview, first date or just going about your everyday activities it adds confidence and chic to your look.

Here is an all-black-look I put together: 


Perfect for that important meeting or as an everyday look for a lady boss.



A handbag can dramatically change your look, you can instantly go from a in-office manager to an international sales executive. So tread carefully and choose exactly the look that suits you and your position. 


Adding some color won’t ruin the all-black look, on the contrary it will give it extra contrast and emphasise your style. Be brave!


Don’t forget about hair and makeup. Opt for natural colors to freshen up your face and make you look rested and full or energy. For hair, a simple up-do is perfect for work. It is easy, convenient and requires just a few minutes. Hair down will always look great, but requires a blow-out, so if you want to save time, an up-do is your thing.


Have a great Wednesday!


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