How to get a raise

Think appearance 

It is easy to feel uncertain in this huge competitive world. Expectations are always high and so are the asks. So how do you keep up with the competition, feel confident and keep climbing up the corporate ladder?


Apart from the obvious things like learning relevant new things, having a good relationship with your colleagues and showing leadership qualities, there is also your appearance. 

Often overlooked and always underestimated, appearance is key to a successful career.  

Looking good is just as important for career progress as having valuable experience or the right qualifications. Even if you don’t work with clients, you are still surrounded by people, some of them will be the ones giving your that raise, some of them will become your team.

So lets start from the beginning.


The basic principles:

  • Clean. This one is pretty self explanatory and definitely number one on the list.
  • Tidy and ironed. If you look a mess, people are going to think you are disorganised and that is not a quality we need for a successful career. So tidy up your hair, avoid crazy patterns and always make sure your clothes are ironed to perfection.
  • Appropriate/decent. It is very important to respect your company’s dress code and avoid the don’ts of office wear. Here is a standard list of dress code no-no’s:
  • Strapless/spagetti strap tops
  • Open midriffs
  • Mini skirts
  • Low cleavage
  • See-through tops
  • Patterned tights/push ups
  • Peep-toe shoes


Has to be tidy, out of your face and look good. Most hair styles will work, the main goal is to look professional and groomed.

Here is a great example by Kerastase with instructions:


  • On dry hair, separate a section at the top middle of your head. 
  • Temporarily secure the section by creating a bun using a hair band. 
  • Apply FORME FATALE along the teeth of a fine-tooth comb. 
  • Comb the right side of your hair creating a slick, pulled back look. 
  • Secure with a pin and repeat on the other side. 
  • Release bun and flat iron it smooth. Pull the hair back. 
  • Finish – Create volume at the top and secure the hair at the back with a pin. Set the style with LAQUE COUTURE.

Make up


Click on the photo to check out a set from Charlotte Tilbury that will keep you covered with your office make up.

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 9.00.18 pmAnother great set for a beautiful face. This one is by Laura Geller.

Natural makeup is perfect for the office, just keep to your nude makeup palette and you will always look great. The goal is to look fresh, rested and ready to work hard.

Fake lashes, bright lips and bronzer can wait for the evening.



Do your best to follow the latest trends. Most of them will work for your office wear as well as the everyday casual looks. Try to inject colors that are in trend and try new shapes that the fashion industry offers. This will indicate to people that you keep yourself up-to-date and in the know. 


The outfit logic works here too. If in doubt go for the classic black pump in suede or leather. It will never let you down.

354X490TMPL-4 354X490TMPL-5 354X490TMPL-8
354X490TMPL-6 354X490TMPL-7 354X490TMPL-9

And finally, dress for success. Every single day.  

After all, would you be more inclined to offer a promotion to someone who dresses like a boss or someone who wears the same shirt two days in a row? Yeah, exactly. So don’t rely solely on your skills and experience, be extra clever and create a successful image through smart appearance.


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