Personal stuff: Cats

Or how I got 3 cats after over 20 years of waiting

Hi, it is Kate here. I don’t really blog about my personal life much. Or at all. I can’t say that I am a private person, it’s just I’m not sure anyone wants to read my personal stuff. So this post is sort of an experiment 🙂

So I am totally in love with cats. Since forever. I never had a cat as a child. My dad said that if I brought a kitten home he would flush it down the toilet. So I deemed that too much of a risk. But you know, when you are a kid and you are denied something you just want it even more, after a while you want it like crazy and soon you are ready to sell your soul to the devil just to get whatever stupid something it is that you want. So I was like that with cats. I tried a lot of things:
Becoming a perfect child, very suddenly:
Doing all the dishes, dusting, helping with cooking, taking out the trash. At the end of the day asking for a cat.
Guilt trip:
Like looking at my dad with my big teary eyes and asking for a tiny little kitten
Focusing my parents minds on the right thing:
Pointing out all possible cats in the street, pointing out things that remotely resemble cats, like small dogs etc just to keep the cat topic going. “oh look a tree! cats love trees!”, “oh look a stationery store! Imagine a cat inside!”, “oh look, my history book, em…cats…don’t forget about cats!”
Being gruesome:
“oh look a homeless guy, he probably ate a cat for lunch today”
Promising the impossible:
“If I get a kitten, I will only ever get A’s in school”
Basically doing all the things that usually work super well if you are my mom persuading my dad to do/buy/fix something.
Unfortunately, none of that had any effect whatsoever on my parents who seemed to have a heart made of ice when it came to cats. So I decided to deal with the issues head on.
First issue was that according to my parents, cats are dirty. I mean, really? A human equivalent of a cat would basically be someone who sleeps 20 hours a day, walks around his home, eats from a bowl and poops in the toilet. Just how dirty can you get doing that???
Second issue:
Cats are aloof and independent. All I can add is “and I respect them for that”. What kind of an issue is that?! I mean it’s not like your cat is gonna slouch in a chair and go: “Hey, I don’t love you and never have. I’m just here for the food” or “I don’t give a tiny rats ass about your problems, figure it out ourself”.
And the last and the most resounding issue was cleaning the litter tray. I did resort to promising the impossible again, which was to train the cat to poop in the actual human toilet or cleaning the litter tray. But nobody bought either of those. Not sure I believed in that myself 🙂
So I ended up with no cat and my dream cat ended up with somebody else, most likely not giving a shit anyway if you look on the bright side.
I attribute my failure to the fact that when I was growing up there were no cute cat pics everywhere and the only cat you saw consistently was the one with bright red eyes hiding in a bush and hissing.
So anyway, now I am a proud owner of 3 lovely cats. My first is a british shorthair called Sulu. And the other two are ragdoll sisters called Millie and Kiara.
I leave you with some cute kitty pics to enjoy 🙂
Processed with Moldiv
Processed with Moldiv
Processed with Moldiv
Processed with Moldiv
Processed with Moldiv
After all it is like they say: “Good things come to those who wait”. And it is totally worth it, even if you have to wait for your beautiful kitties for over 20 years.
I would love to see your gorgeous cats, do share their photos with me here or on Instagram!

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