Stress reliever

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I know it is just the beginning of the week, but things are already going so crazy!

In this post I wanted to share with you all the best ways to get effective rest fast and what to do (or not to do) to make sure your don’t get stressed easily.

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Sounds stupid, but it is actually the number one technique for stress release. Any psychotherapist will agree – a few deep breaths can go a long way.

Is it some kinda new way of breathing? You could say that, it is called 3D breathing. Here is how to do that:

Sit down with your back straight, take a very deep breath through the nose, inhale the maximum amount of air that can possibly fit in your lungs, let your ribs open up to the sides while maintaining the lower abdomen as flat as possible.

And then breathe all that air out through your mouth…..

And repeat. Repeat as many times as needed to completely calm down. But do not force yourself to breathe as this can cause light-headedness. Go with the flow.

Feels good right?

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Take a nap

If you are very lucky and can afford to take a nap in the middle of the day, well first of all – congratulations, you make lots of people jealous. Secondly, DO take that nap. Studies have shown that even a 15 minute nap (or power nap) can boost your energy levels for the rest of the day and improve your mood.

So make the most of this luxury and snooze when you can.

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Hold it!

This one is really controversial, but nonetheless backed by real science: go easy on that coffee. Although caffeine is known for its energising qualities, it actually looks quite ugly from the point of view of your nervous systems. It makes you more active and alert, but that in turn can irritate the hell out of your nerves and get you more stressed.

Skipping those caffeinated drinks, your second cup of coffee or tea can decrease your stress levels dramatically.


Sleep tight

Have an important meeting the next morning? Closing the deal next day? Those sound like good reasons to be stressed. There is a way out however – get a good night’s sleep. It will help replenish those energy levels and get some happy hormones (serotonin) into your brain. You will be able to think fast, solve issues quicker and will definitely look your best.

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The earlier – the better

Here is a surprise for you – alcohol actually makes you more stressed. Initially it gives you more confidence, elevates the mood and makes everything better, but it irritates your nervous system and prevents you from getting a good nights sleep. Have you noticed that every time you have a drink late in the evening you wake up early? Yep, that is what I mean.

By no means do you have to stop drinking altogether. Please, I am not a monster – just try to do it in the day. So that your body get plenty of time to “digest” the alcohol and get it out of your system before you go to bed.

That way you get the best of both world – you favourite drink AND solid sleep.

You can thank me later!

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Try meditation

Everyone has heard of this mystery word. Meditation this, meditation that. It is everywhere – lots of resources online, thousands of meditation apps and printed materials.

In actual fact it is just a very simple relaxation technique that incorporates breathing and body awareness to quickly calm you down.

Just try it – all you might lose is a few minutes of your time!

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Have a cuppa

Don’t you find warm liquids soothing? Just the image alone should make you happier already – imagine yourself holding a lovely cup of hot cocoa or tea or anything else that is liquid-y or soup-y, warm and soothing and then you take that little sip… ahhh… bliss

Go and get yourself you favourite hot drink and let that stress drift away.

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Have a blissful stress-free week!


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