Urban Decay eyeshadow

All you need to know about Urban Decay Vice palette


As you already know, I don’t just write good reviews. Nah-ah. Even though I always try to buy quality products, sometimes I do end up regretting my purchase. And I will let the world know about (even though some might hate me for it).

So today’s review is about Vice eyeshadow palette by Urban Decay. Well we have all heard about their nude palette and there is no denying it is a best seller. 

However, this is a different story. I bough it a while back and have had enough time to form an objective opinion on it since then.


Ok lets start with the good things:


The color selection here is pretty amazing. This is why I bought this platte in the first place. It covers your nude looks, you can easily do a smokey eye and it has some more for party eyes. All the right ones are matte and all the right ones have light reflecting particles. Fantastic. 


Millie agrees with me and loves the color range too, she also decided she should be the centre of attention in all the shots from now on. I cannot argue with that 🙂

Moving on to staying on:

With my MAC paintpot these shadows stay on pretty well. Even in very hot humid weather they will not let you down. Meow to that!



These eyeshadows have not irritated my eyes or skin, never had any issues, no allergic reactions, no redness, nothing whatsoever.


Will also do nicely as an arm rest…or paw rest for that matter. 


The packaging is great as it has a great big mirror and a double sided brush of decent quality. One side is for applying or dabbing on the color and the other – for blending it in with the rest.

So you don’t need to use your fingers)


And now to the annoying things:


This is where I have a serious issues with this palette. On many levels. Firstly, when I dab the shadow with the brush far to much eyeshadow clings to the brush. So I have to shake the brush off or even dab it on a tissue. There is also a lot of loose shadow that spreads out around the palette. So the colors get mixed up a little and I keep having to blow the loose shadow off. This is all wasteful and annoying. Does is happen with other shadows? Yes sure, but nowhere near as much!!!


Another thing – whole chunks of eyeshadow separate from their square and fall off. A tiny drop will do serious damage and you will loose a lot of eyeshadow after a bigger one. Happened a lot to me. I do drop other palettes too, I am not just clumsy with this one. And I have to say the others cope with drops infinitely better. This one annoys me a lot.



Most shadows are hard to blend without the primer. Vice by Urban Decay is impossible to blend without the primer. I think it has something to do with how loose it gets, because it means that it is very uneven on the brush and therefore unevenly applied to the skin. It is not a big deal, because you should always use a primer, but it is good to know all the details anyway.


Thanks for reading my review and I hope you found it very useful! 


 P.S. Special thanks to Millie for modelling for this post 😉

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