Style Icon: Katy Perry

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Katy Perry has so many chart-topping hits, worldwide sold out tours, music awards and accolades, magazine covers, and memorable videos under her belt. She is definitely one of the most popular faces and voices in the music industry today.

More than her infectious songs, Katy Perry has also proven herself quite the style influencer and chameleon.

Aside from her awe inspiring costumes on tour and while performing, Katy has consistently expressed her vibrant and provocative personal style every single time she steps out. The best part about her style is its uniqueness and unpredictability. You never know what style move she’s going to show next. Here’s a quick look at Katy Perry‘s best style moments:

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Graffiti chic during the Met Gala, Katy Perry achieves a red carpet coup yet again with this Moschino spray painted gown with matching spray paint can bag. So fun!

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Dressing up in Coachella the way only Katy Perry knows how, this irreverent and romantic lace cream frock is just the unexpected style choice that we’ve come to see from Katy. The extra long pearl necklace and ribboned headband sweeten the deal too.

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Hitting the Grammy red carpet in all blue. Literally blue from head to toe, she matches her beautiful embellished down with her blue ‘do. The powder blue hue is ethereal and an off-the-beaten path choice for the red carpet but it works.

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Blue seems to be Katy’s color. This time around, her bright cobalt blue is made even better by its leather material and sheer embellished paneling on the top. The thin ribboned belt at the waist is also a nice touch. Those shoes might be a step too far though, they have this weird “doll” vibe that seems out of place here. Simple nude suede or leather pumps would look much better.

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Katy’s ever changing hair color is one of her signature style accessories. Resplendent with purple hued locks, her nude peek-a-boo dress shows off her amazing curves in style. I love how she let the dress take center stage and kept the rest of her look simple, incredibly sexy.


Provocative and high fashion, this red carpet look from Katy is one of my favorites. It’s almost Madonna-esque in its uniqueness. The embellishment overload works in her favor. This is my favourite look for her, it is very grown up, somewhat traditional, very luxury and at the same time has playfulness and youthful vibe added by those sleeves.


Katy Perry’s shoot for Wonderland Magazine is further proof of her chameleon-like characteristics. I mean, how great does she looks with red hair and full bangs?

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Multiple colored feathers and multiple straps on the back, can you get any more couture than that? I love the matching bleached brows and blonde sleek hair too! I don’t think I would recognise her like this.

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Another proof that blue is Katy’s color. Love that oversized ribbon.

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Long, poker straight hair complements the beautiful print of this column gown. The print has got me ooh-ing and aah-ing.

Did you fall in love with Katy’s style more after this post? I know I did. I can’t wait to see her on the red carpet again to see what she does next!