10 ways to transform your look from day to night 

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As a person who has some experience working in the office I can tell with certainty that it is possible to express yourself even if your company has a strict dress code. In this post I will show you how to transform you office look into a night look. So you will look ready to party right after work whilst everyone else still looks office-y and boring.

1. Eyeliner


The instant way to transform that office look is to grab your eyeliner and draw a cat eye there and then. I guarantee everyone will notice. Dont be shy, it is after office hours so draw it thick. Make a statement.

Advantages: fast, will stay on all night, no maintenance required.

Disadvantages: none.

2. Lipstick


The second fastest way (if we are talking makeup) to go day-to-night is with the help of a lip liner and lipstick. 

It will take longer to apply than eyeliner, but it does guarantee the results. Besides, it also injects color and shine to your look and makes you stand out even more. Lipstick is the oldest trick in the book.

Advantages: fast, color injection, sexy

Disadvantages: needs maintenance.

3. Large earrings.

 354X490TMPL-10  354X490TMPL-11  354X490TMPL-12
AZ Collection  Bjorg  LES NEREIDES 
Triple strand pearl drop earrings Distinctive ear cuffs made from silver-plated bronze and white horsehair Gypsunset Red and Turquoise Drop Earrings

You know those large dangl-y things that always attract attention? They are made for the night. Go for a more classic design to make sure they match to your look and don’t end up looking out of place. 

Advantages: fast, major look enhancement, can draw light to your face and make you look more youthful and glowing

Disadvantages: can be hard to match, don’t suit everyone, can be expensive.

4. Waist belt.

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Cutout leather waist belt Textured faux leather skinny belt Animal-print calf hair waist belt

One of the stronger tools on the list – a wide waist belt. This accessory is a powerful weapon. Super chic and very sexy, it is the cavalry of your look. 

Advantages: chic, sexy

Disadvantages: can be expensive, will not suit everyone.

5. Clutch or party bag.

354X490TMPL-13 org_9966253242 354X490TMPL-14
Valentino Vlieger & Vandam Marc Jacobs
Rockstud Smeraldo Leather Saddlebag Claw Purse Suede Mini Trouble Shoulder Bag in Electric Blue

An easy way to transform your look is to swap your handbag for a mini bag or an evening clutch. Just bring it along with you and be sure to flaunt it after work!

Advantages: easy

Disadvantages: not as noticeable as others, sometimes hard to match.

6. Party shoes.

354X490TMPL-15 354X490TMPL-16 354X490TMPL-17
Black Satin and Crystals Sandals Shine Bright White Peeptoe Platform Sandal Black Suede Sandal w/Studs

Another great way to spice things up is to bring a pair of party heels and keep them under your desk. Even you have forgotten all of the above, the party shoes will give you a free pass. Find a pair that really stands out and match it to your outfit. Metallic heels should do the job nicely and be an easy match.

Advantages: need i spell it out?

Disadvantages: none

7. Jacket.

 1434405403274-P-2737773  1436222214675-P-2807593  1416854270734-P-2216973
Full Print Trendy Style Stand Collar Long Sleeve Coat For Women Stylish Lapel Long Sleeve One-Button Cheetah Print Blazer For Women Plaid Tweed Fashionable Round Neck Long Sleeve Jacket

Certain evening activities might require a jacket. We are not talking about your suit jacket here. A more classic or casual chic version is what we are looking for. Chanel style jacket will work with most looks, it’s extremely versatile and a worthy thing to have in your wardrobe regardless. A leather jacket can dramatically transform you into a bad girl and if that is what you what – go for it.

Advantages: drastic, gorgeous

Disadvantages: none

8. Skin.

 Processed with Moldiv  Processed with Moldiv  IMG_5877

Want to be prepared for a red carpet event? No problem. Wear your best black suit to work and whenever you are ready to go remove that shirt/top underneath. Yes, we are talking about not wearing anything underneath the jacket. 

Advantages: extremely sexy

Disadvantages: must defeat the shyness inside

9. Statement necklace.

37-14310709923498 51-14367764377469 45-14079943334252
Wing Water Wave Necklace Woven Olivet Necklace Gold Pearl Alloy Necklace

The most popular option of all – a statement necklace. We all have one of those somewhere. Wear it with a plain shirt to get everyone’s attention in focus.

Advantages: easy

Disadvantages: limited use: you wear it a couple times and everyone remembers it (so buy cheap ones)

10. Go luxe.

article-2088088-0F809ADD00000578-229_634x879 Bar+Refaeli+Layered+Necklaces+Layered+Diamond+0AEA4It_DFVl 1212-stacked-necklaces-David-Yurman-ad-REV

For the lucky few that have diamonds to spare, layering your precious jewels is a fantastic option. The light will illuminate your face, the layering will give you a polished modern look and the boss will have no choice but to give you a raise. You are going to need it to pay for all those jewels!

What is your favourite way to go from day to night? Tell me in your comments!