Audi Fashion Festival

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Hi readers,

Last week was a truly eventful week thanks to the Audi Fashion Festival. I was lucky enough to attend the opening show by Prabal Gurung, the closing show with Oscar De La Renta as well as the Harper’s Bazaar Asia New Generation show.

And what a week it has been!

It was a fantastic opportunity to be able to attend the shows of the famous designers, however the show by the young upcoming designers inspired me most.

The diversity of the Harper’s Bazaar Asia New Generation show was truly amazing. It is rare that you get to see several different collections in a row one after another. It was also nice to watch some short introductions from the young designers and really understand the story behind the collections.

Without a doubt, all of the collections were inspirational and all of the young designers deserve a lot of credit for creating such wonderful looks.

Here are the best looks from each collection:

The first one up was Peggy Hartanto from Indonesia with her “Unseen” Collection.

This wonderful collection felt very light and feminine. It has followed the flower print trend that was popular with the designers like Alice + Olivia in this Summer 2014 season. It was a predominantly romantic collection with an edge achieved by pairing those delicate flowers with a long black skirt with a high slit or a pair of white pants from boyfriends wardrobe.





Teresa Lim from Singapore. Her collection was entitled “Lenina Gone Wild”.

A very fun, bold collection based on various prints of the designer-invented character she called Lenina. These fantastic illustrations, having moved from paper to material, create a very youthful and sporty look. Cheeky!



Wiruwan Nhuyung from Thailand presenting “En Garden”.

This beautiful collection by a young Thai designer boasts romanticism and femininity. At first glance, it seems to be flowers all round, but those pieces are made from some very abstract shapes. The reason why they resemble flowers is most likely due to the pastel colours used throughout. I really liked the metallic heels. It is a great choice for the outfits as they add that edginess to an otherwise very girly collection.



Sean Loh from Malaysia with “A Thousand Kisses Deep”.

The image that this collection has painted in my head is of a beautiful Japanese woman who has a dark intimate secret. She is drowning in the sea of emotions and cannot keep the secret any longer, yet something is stopping her from revealing it to the world…





Yahn Adams from Singapore with his collection “My Asylum”

There are definitely no secrets in this collection by a young Singaporean. The collection has a very distressed feel and if I had to describe it in three words, I would say “war and chemical weapons”. Starting from the rather unusual head accessory – the gas mask and concluding with blood stains all over the outfits and chains, this collection isn nothing but ordinary. The materials used to make these outfit are also far from the norm and include metal, plastic (or film material) and presumably air filters. Fun times!




Jatupong Metula from Thailand with ” The Whispering”

This collection is certainly not short on bling. Every outfit has a shiny feature, whether it is beads, crystals or studs. Most of the silhouettes are powerful and manly and the outfits remind me of what the Mongols would wear. Those padded shoulders have a definite mongolian/gorgian/armenian feel. It must be from somewhere in that region! Overall, loving the ethnic prints and crazy capes!






Sheila Agatha Wijaya from Indonesia. “Moonshine”

“Moonshine” is a very elegant collection. It boasts flowy and feminine silhouettes. It has a very calm style. It is not screaming anything and relies entirely on the woman’s personality. That is what is going to make those pieces truly shine – the woman within.



Last but not least Harvee Kok from Malaysia with “Bipolarity”

“Bipolarity” is another collection that kept all the outfits in greyscale. A lot of the pieces seemed “borrowed” from the men’s wardrobe and make the models appear very masculine. It is not the first time a designer has used that old trick, but I have to say that it does go in line with the current love for sporty masculine looks. And it has to be said – that is one gorgeous sweatshirt!