#Fashion Steps Out 2015 Part 1

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Taking street style to a whole new level, Fashion Steps Out 2015 took over Singapore’s famed Orchard Road and wowed the whole crowd by taking glamour and high fashion closer to the people. This annual event celebrates all the best in global trends and marries it with Singaporean fashion. I love how Fashion Steps Out gives fashionistas and style lovers a more exciting way to experience and see fashion in action by taking it to the streets, and Orchard Road is certainly the best venue for such an illustrious celebration of fashion.

Everybody knows that Orchard Road is the mecca for shopping as well as an amazing place to spot trends and to see fashionistas at their sartorial best. The road is shut down for the day, and it becomes all about fashion and high-watt glamour. Traffic stops and the sidewalks and roads become filled with models sashaying down this long runway while fashion fans watch from the sides and take social media snaps. How can you resist such an awesome event? I personally loved every minute of it! If you missed the event (make sure to catch it next year!), here are some of my personal snap shots of the event.


Sharp lines and angles. Crisp and clean silhouettes. It was all about modernity, minimalism and geometry at ultra hip label’s Max.Tan’s show. If you love edgy fashion, you will certainly love this brand’s aesthetic. This all white collection is meant for those who walk on the more daring side of fashion, a capsule wardrobe perfect for doing the white on white trend.







Filled with youthful angst, Depression is about the historically inherent subversive and anarchic and rebellious side of fashion. Urban and provocative, this collection isn’t for the faint of heart.




The name says it all. This collection from Pleatation takes a tailoring we all know and love, pleating, and transforms it into a full runway presentation where every single piece is fit for the most glitzy red carpet events. A fully pleated pantsuit and fully pleated gowns showed off the timeless elegance of pleating, especially when placed beside contemporary origami detailing and brocade foil prints. Whether done in sheer, flowing fabrics or with more structured material, Pleatation’s designs shine and look ever so stunning.







This is just the first part of the evening. Stay tuned and check out the blog for more photos and runways reviews from Fashion Steps Out 2015. If you count yourself a fashion lover, you’re gonna love what I still have in store! Any favorites thus far? All collections are jaw-dropping!



Spring is just around the corner. You know what that means? Amazing Spring fashion and  trends for the season, of course! So imagine my excitement when I was able to attend the MOISELLE Spring/Summer collection 2015 in Paragon. I loved every moment of this fashion show!

Grass covered flooring and beautiful flowers, pristine white chairs and a charming trellis crawling with intricate vines adorned the venue and set the right mood for some springtime beauty and fashion fun. As the models sashayed down the runway, I couldn’t help but snap photos of my favourite looks. Before we get to that, let me share to you my review of this collection from MOISELLE.

The wonderful decor at Paragon where this fashion spectacle was held set the stage perfectly for the floral prints, pastel colors and ladylike silhouettes that MOISELLE  showed for this season. The delicate pastel palette, ranging from pale lemon yellow to periwinkle to the perfect candy pink hue was dominant throughout the show. Accents of neutral tones and even brights like that coral/red flowing maxi dress rounded out the colour story of the collection. Some key silhouettes to take note of are: halter tops, floor-length dresses, matching sets, and keyhole crop tops. The brand’s Spring/Summer trends combine 50s inspired feminine style like the full skirt, Peter Pan collar dress and collarless housecoats with edgy designs that are more contemporary and fashion forward like crystal embellishments and sheer peek-a-boo details. From the structured coats and shirtdresses appropriate for the office, to glamorous frocks for the evening, and tailored shorts and blazer sets for the daytime, this collection has you covered. Other trends to take note of are the modern spin on the floral print, with hints of neon and pop art influence, and lastly, another prominent trend was waist-cinching belts that are intricately designed just like the crystal encrusted and high shine copper belts spotted in the show. Beauty trends to note from the show are bold brows, dewy complexion and a modern take on the top knot bun.

So without further ado, here are SWK’s favourite looks from MOISELLE Spring Summer collection 2015 presented in Paragon.

Which looks did you love? I loved them all so it’s hard to pick my favourite one! I cannot wait to own a piece from this beautiful collection. Ah, spring fashion, you never fail to take my breath away. 


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