Monochrome hard at work. Interview wear.

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Good Morning,
As is obvious from the photos on the left, this post is about the one and only Monochrome look.
Monochrome is an awesome trend. It is classic, chic, it is beautiful, its easy to put together and it doesn’t have to be expensive. So what is the catch? Well, it can be dull. Most of the time that will happen because of lack of accessories.Accessories are essential to almost any outfit. They are what makes your outfit trendy, up-to-date and thought through. So do not try and skip the accessories step – it is worth spending that little bit extra. Another problem that can ruin this outfit is if the clothes appear sloppy and untidy. You really can’t afford this with monochrome. The shirt has to be bright white and ironed to perfection. The suit has to be impeccable. Full stop. Non-negotiable. Very strict)))))
As an example, we have put together a 100% monochrome outfit that is complete with all the accessories you need to perfect your work look.
Who is this outfit perfect for? Standard answer: “This outfit is a classic. Hence it will look good on everyone”. Errrrrrr….No!  This outfit is for people that feel confident in a classic suit and love that monochrome style. If you don’t like it, it might not be for you. For instance, if you are into anime, your hair is pink and you have several tattoos, it might not suit you, or even if it does, it will have a different effect. And instead of looking like a successful executive, you will look like you are on your way to a costume party.  So we ask again:
​Who is this outfit perfect for:
– successful professional who love to look sharp 
– people that know how to pull off a strict look 
– anyone going for an interview or meeting potential employers
– monochrome addicts 🙂
Possible variations:
– we went all out for this shoot, however, you don’t have to wear heels that high. A medium heel will look very sharp too. Another comment about the shoes – keep them matt. Shiny shoes can look offensive at work.
– this outfit will look more strict if you wear pants. If you need that super strict look, go for pants. For interviews we recommend wearing a skirt.
Can you recreate it? Yes! Here is how:
– jacket (any pure black jacket is good. The one in the photo is tailor made by Haute Alterations in Mandarin Gallery),
– skirt by Ted Baker around $160 (any black skirt that fits you is great)
– shirt (any bright white shirt is good, the one in the photo was tailor made in Bangkok for around $40)
– patent leather pumps by Saint Laurent $799 (leather pumps are recommended)
– glasses by Chanel $899
– tote bag by Katana (price unknown)
If you feel inspired to create a monochrome look for you do not hesitate to contact me at or call/SMS 8668 6226 for a more immediate response.
Happy shopping!



How to make patterns work for you. Get it right!

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DSC04091Good Morning to all,
Here is a beautiful look for those of you who work in the creative industry or in fact in any company that is more flexible with the dress code! 🙂
Patterns are in again and don’t we love them))) They are a great way to express your personalty in your clothes and accessories and perfect for those who love to stand out from the crowd.
However, any stylist will tell you – patterns should come with a warning sign. Just like heavy goods or alcoholic beverages. Here is why – patterns are bold statements that can completely overpower your delicate features and ruin your overall look. So don’t risk it unless you are sure that it looks awesome! Actually I’m completely against buying any clothes that are not awesome, but that’s another story))))
So, here is a example of how to make patterns work for you! In fact we have created an outfit with not 1 but 2 patterns and it looks fantastic!
The star of the show here is undoubtedly the dress. (From Karen Millen Spring Summer 2014 collection). It is a very bright, almost neon colour dress with a grey pattern. The fit is tight and the length is very sensible. The dress makes a statement. We have paired it with a light absorbing black bomber jacket that calms it down and gives a more professional look. The jacket itself has lazer cut leather panels with a floral/abstract pattern on them.
We have added silver colour accessories to enhance this look and make it more modern.
As for the shoes, this outfit required a neutral colour heel, which we added to complete the look.
Who is this outfit perfect for:
– a pattern admirer who loves to bring out their personality in a work environment as well as during leasure hours
Possible variations:
– if the dress code dictates a more professional look, go for a closed toe pump with a smaller heel
– this outfit will look just as good with a similar fit dress of a more classic colour. You could substitute it for a blue or green dress, for example.

Can you recreate it? Yes! Here is how:

– dress by Karen Millen $299,

– jacket by Moiselle $399,

– leather pumps by Prada around $700

– glasses by Chanel $899

– various accessories around $400

If you want to recreate this look on a lower budget you can! Similar items can be purchased from any of the high street stores like Zara, Mango or any of your favourites.
Happy shopping!