The New Generation of Style Icons

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If you’re a fashion fan, you’re familiar with the style icons of our time. Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss, and Beyonce are just some personalities that are considered style royalty. There is a new crop of style stars on the rise, most of them are Young Hollywood celebrities that are learning the ropes of red carpet dressing and standout street style at a young age. When it comes to fashion, age ain’t but a number. Some of these young ones are showing extraordinary sartorial prowess, take notes from the new generation of style icons. I’m sure they’ll teach you a thing or two.


Triple threat (actress, dancer, and singer) Zendaya started out in the Disney Channel. But she is now coming into her own, especially when it comes to her bold fashion choices. She always surprises fashion fans with her red carpet outfits and her statement making street style. I love how Zendaya’s style always has an element of danger to it. Whether it’s a thigh high slit or the effortless pairing of white sneakers with an embellished evening look, her looks are always on the cutting edge.

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Images from WhoWhatWear

Maddie Ziegler

Maddie Ziegler of Dance Moms fame skyrocketed into the public eye through her star-making appearance on Sia’s “Chandelier” video. From there, she has been appearing in both the big and small screen. She is now poised for a fashion takeover, which these days, is the natural progression for most up-and-coming Young Hollywood personalities. Maddie has had experience as an ELLE correspondent for fashion week, and has appeared in publications and editorials for Teen Vogue and Glamour among others. She’s certainly embracing fashion with open arms, and I just love her playful style. She always comes in looks that are age appropriate, and I adore how she plays up bright colors in her looks!

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Image 1: Zimbio, Image 2: Elle Magazine

Bella Thorne

Actress (and Zendaya’s BFF) Bella Thorne always wows with her outfits. She typically has girly and feminine style, but she can sometimes mix it up with more edgy and sexy looks. These two looks below are especially telling of her sense of style. She always adds feminine flair to all her looks. Bella Thorne always looks polished to boot. She always makes sure that her looks coordinate perfectly.

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Images from WhoWhatWear

Kiernan Shipka

Mad Men alum Kiernan Shipka is most often lauded for her amazing style. She consistently nails glamorous looks that still feel appropriate to her age and her build. Her petite frame is always elegantly outfitted in tailored separates or structured dresses that never overwhelm her or make her look older. Shipka is proof that dressing your age is a worthy fashion goal to aspire for.

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Images from WhoWhatWear

Victoria Justice

Victoria Justice looks like a girl-next-door and has certainly perfected the art of dressing that way–with a unique twist of course. I love how she adds uniqueness to each look. Justice knows that it’s all about the accessories. It can be silver booties with a plain black coat and jeans or a fringed tassel bag with a tribal print coordinating set.

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Images from WhoWhatWear

Sarah Hyland

Sarah Hyland has been making fashion headlines as of late. Her unexpected yet totally spot-on glamorous red carpet looks have landed her firmly on the best-dressed radar. Don’t you just love how she bucks convention and sticks to silhouettes that she truly loves and are truly flattering to her figure and stature? She styles this low-cut black romper with aplomb. Hyland keeps things simple and sophisticated by letting sexy silhouettes do the talking.

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Images from WhoWhatWear

Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld is perpetually clad in Miu Miu. Hey, no complaints here. She certainly embodies the one-of-a-kind girly meets rebellious spirit of the Miu Miu brand. I love how Steinfeld’s looks are always leaning toward the more avant-garde, a definite departure from her sugary sweet and youthful beauty. Take a cue from her, and don’t be afraid to get some more haute couture flavor into your everyday looks.

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Images from WhoWhatWear

Shailene Woodley

Shailene Woodley has tomboy chic style down pat. She shows off her athletic build and her sense of style flawlessly. I love how her sporty black crop top is offset by a trendy printed pencil skirt. Woodley embraces what she loves best in terms of fashion and marries with trends that are hot at the moment, that’s the recipe for great style.

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Images from WhoWhatWear

Which style icon will you be watching out for? I know that they will all be on my radar. They’re all so chic in their own ways.