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Gone are the days of boring navy pantsuits, black-and-white office looks, or neutral monochromatic ensembles. Although professionalism and dress code maxims are still paramount in the work place, there is more space now for more personal stylish extras and fashion forward flourishes.

There are so many ways to spice up your work style, and inject more of your own taste and flair into it.The quickest way to get noticed is to distinguish yourself from the pack, in a good way, of course.  Look chic while looking office appropriate, let these 10 looks inspire you to embrace more color, print, and trendy yet tasteful accessories into your work wardrobe.


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A sheer sleeve detail gives a modern spin on an all black office attire. Trendy details like this makes your work style look more current.

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Spring/summer colors are toned down with a crisp, white button down and a pair of sensible cognac pumps. The aqua lace skirt and multicolor statement necklace add a bit more breezy and feminine style into your office looks.

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A white sheer shirt buttoned all the way up looks refined yet alluring paired with black slacks and pumps, an office wear staple. A structured leopard print tote gives your work look a much needed punch of print.

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Don’t limit yourself to black, brown, and navy when shopping for trousers. Embrace color and keep the rest of your work outfit conservative and neutral.

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A double-breasted checked blazer gives a black and white dress more polish. This tailored blazer upgrades this look and makes it more stylish and elegant. Definitely an outfit for taking on the boardroom.

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Muted yellow pants combined with a tomboy chic navy blazer is a refreshing take on a typical pantsuit. The relaxed fit of the pant and white button down is what separates this outfit from your standard office wear.
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If you want to give a contemporary update to your gray skirt suit, simply add some edgy accessories into the mix. Studded pumps, gold aviators, and a structured red snakeskin tote don’t look so bold when paired with this conservative and classic ensemble.


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Wearing one neutral from head to toe can still look refreshingly chic when the pieces are tailored to perfection. An oversized blazer, midi skirt, and pointed toe pumps are pieces worth investing in. 

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Make your LBD work for the office by layering a crisp blazer over it to tone down its evening appeal. Low heeled yet trendy pumps give this getup a bit of pizzazz.

fashion blog for professional women new york city street style work wear

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You can do prints and bright color in one look, if you blend the colors together to make it look more in harmony. Color clashing is too busy and might be a tad inappropriate for the office.

What trends and chic details will you be working into your daily office outfits? I hope this post inspired you!


Power Dressing 101

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Image from: Harper’s Bazaar

Dressing for the office can be tricky. For the modern chic woman, brown, black, and navy pantsuits simply won’t do. There are certain professional guidelines that need to be followed of course, but that doesn’t mean that work wear should be boring. There are so many ways to inject a dose of fashion fun into your everyday office attire.

Different offices have different dress codes, but here are some general style guidelines and styling tips to spice up your work wear:

1. Embrace Color and Prints

No need to confine your office style to neutrals and plain colors. Add some punchy colors and prints into the mix, but always make sure to pick colors and patterns that are a bit subdued and not too loud. Stripes and polka dots are your best bet when it comes to prints, and when it comes to colors choose hues that are more jewel toned than neon. Anchoring your outfit in a basic color like black, white, navy, or brown will keep you looking professional.

fashion blog for professional women new york city street style work wear

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2. Extra! Extra!

Accessories are a great way to ease into adding more color and prints into your work wardrobe. A shot of color from your jewelry, scarf, belt, purse or heels can liven up an all-black office attire.


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 Image from Harper’s Bazaar

3. The New Pantsuit

Say goodbye to the oversized shoulders and rigidly structured pantsuits from the yesteryears, and welcome the new and improved pantsuits of 2014. Done in luxurious fabrics and with more relaxed tailoring, these pantsuits definitely take your office pantsuit into contemporary fashion.


 Image from: Harper’s Bazaar


Image from Harper’s Bazaar

4. Shirt dress Redux

Shirt dresses have immense potential to be the workhorse of your work wear closet. Prim, proper, and ladylike, shirt dresses feels breezy yet put together. Always add a belt and pearls to emphasize the polish of your ensemble.


Image from The Classy Cubicle


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5. Modern Black and White

Stuck in your white button-down and black trousers uniform? Get out of that fashion rut by falling into crisp silhouettes with more stark and graphic black-and-white designs. Black and white has already been tried-and-tested for the office, but these geometric motifs will make you look more current and on trend.

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Adding little personal style flourishes here and there may even increase your productivity and spark your creativity! Never underestimate the power of fashion to influence your mood and your personality.Fashion is all about creative self-expression and the four walls of your office shouldn’t stop you from doing that.

I hope this post inspired you to get more playful with your office looks. Have a great weekend ladies!